Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank you Donna and Orphan Grain Train!

Last week, a member of our Kyrg adoption group informed us all that she found a company willing to send our orphanage donations to Kyrgyzstan for free. Orphan Grain Train has come to the rescue and now 4 of the 6 cases of clothing donated by Life is Good are on their way. 2 of the cases are still in NH and I am trying to get them shipped as well. These cases are loaded with socks, shirts, onsies,rompers and sweatshirts. All of these clothing are going to make such a difference in the cold months to come. I will be forever grateful to the wonderful people at Life is Good for their incredible donation and to Donna and the kind people at Orphan Grain Train for getting this donation to the children. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween

We are so excited about Halloween this year. I remember looking at all the adorable costumes last year and longing to see Jyly in one. Oh, how it hurt to miss out on yet another special occasion with my precious little girl. Now we get to share them all with her. Daddy got to pick the costume and I must say, he made a good choice. Afterall, she does love cheese! Sorry, you have to wait. No costumes until Halloween.

Jyly's little corner

This is one of Jyly's favorite places in our house. Every night she pushes the table out from the wall and climbs behind the doll house. For some reason, she loves to play on that side. She prefers an empty house but I filled it up for the picture. Her favorite thing to do is to climb up on the table and sit "in" the living room. She opens the doors to the patio off of the master bedroom and puts the dog out. I have NO idea where she learned this!!!! I guess she is imitating us putting the dogs out to do their business.

This is one of the rare occasions that the house is free from the "Jyly Bomb". We clean up everyday and she goes behind us and dumps everything back out. Such are the joys of having a 2 year old. We just have to laugh about it. I am so glad that I am not working until Friday night. We have our next post placement visit on Friday afternoon and I need to keep the house picked up between now and then. We will have to wait until the last minute to pick Jyly up from daycare or we will have our work cut out for us.