Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Brother's Love

Even at 17 he can still be a fun big brother. Camden got a box from the garage and made a spaceship for Jyly. Then he cut out cardboard stars because he knows how much she loves stars. The picture of Keegan walking with the box over his head did not come out, unfortunately.

They play like siblings and fight like siblings should. Last night, Camden pretended to clip Jyly with a chip clip and she burst into tears. Today, she gave him a drum stick and when he wouldn't give it right back, she pulled the hair on his leg. It was hilarious and she knew just what she was doing.


Hilary Marquis said...

What a good big brother! Anara has a way of letting her big brothers know when she's ticked too..she bites! We are trying desperately to break her of it. We are hopeful that when she learns to speak more she'll be able to convey her frustration a little better...

janiece said...

She's getting huge!!! What happened to that wee little one you brought home???
Fighting wit each other and then defending each other. Pushing big sister off the edge of the pool, teasing her brother---this is pure sibling love! Chewie is doing some biting too. I hope that changes!