Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Fun!

Whenever we have visitors from outside of West Texas, we have to show them the sights. Wednesday, we went back to New Mexico. This time we took the nature path into Carlsbad Caverns. That means we had to descend 750 feet into the caverns on foot. Thankfully, we could take the elevator back up because the whole thing freaked Jyly out this time. After the caverns, we went to the Living desert and Gardens. What a great place! It's kind of like a zoo but on a nature trail. Jyly loves zoo's!

Yesterday, we went to Belmorhea State Park. We renewed our National Parks pass here because it is worth many returns. The attraction is a giant spring fed pool. It is 40 feet deep at it's deepest and crystal clear. The only downfall is the algae on the bottom and all the little fish you get to swim with. None of that bothered my little fish!

An Artist In The Making

We have an aspiring artist and I think there's a little hippy in her too. Just look at the rainbow colors and what's up with that long hair!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Brother's Love

Even at 17 he can still be a fun big brother. Camden got a box from the garage and made a spaceship for Jyly. Then he cut out cardboard stars because he knows how much she loves stars. The picture of Keegan walking with the box over his head did not come out, unfortunately.

They play like siblings and fight like siblings should. Last night, Camden pretended to clip Jyly with a chip clip and she burst into tears. Today, she gave him a drum stick and when he wouldn't give it right back, she pulled the hair on his leg. It was hilarious and she knew just what she was doing.