Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Has Been A Busy Month

As you can see, it has been over 100 days since Renae and I left to bring Jyly home. It's hard to believe. To look at Jyly, you would think she has always been here.

Since it has been almost six months, we had to have our first post placement report done. The social worker came out and asked us questions about how Jyly has adjusted to her new life. Then she looked around, took some pictures and was off to write her report. I guess we will see her again in October when we have to do the next report. Yes, that's every six months for the first three years and then every year after until Jyly turns 14.

Jyly also had her audiology evaluation this month. We are thrilled to say that our instincts were correct. She has a minor hearing deficit in her right ear only. What that means is when she hears certain tones, she can not determine where they are coming from due to the imbalance. The audiologist recommended speech therapy. Since they had an opening, we were able to get her right in and she is now going every Tuesday morning. They will also continue to teach her sign language because it is a very effective way for her to communicate.

We heard the call to New Mexico again. So, we hit the road and then ventured 750 feet underground (by elevator) into the famous Carlsbad Caverns. Jyly was in awe as were we. Someday we will settle down in New Mexico. It combines the warm climate of the South West and the picturesque landscapes of the North East. What more can you ask for?

Last Thursday night, Keegan was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. He is well on his way to scholarships, college and a great career. In what, I just don't know!

That same night, we went to see Finding Nemo on Ice. We missed the first thirty minutes but our timing was perfect. Had we been there any longer I don't think Jyly would have made it. I think she enjoyed it. I know she enjoyed the $10.00 snow cone and purple tongue. The circus is coming in July. I hope that goes over as well!

Friday night, we had dinner with a very nice family that is just beginning their adoption journey. They have three children and are looking forward to bringing home a baby boy from Kyrgyzstan. Yes, we met them on the Kyrgyzstan adoption message board.

Jyly and are are going to finish off the month of April with a trip to Grapevine, Texas. Auntie Renae and her family are spending their vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge. As I understand it, it is a hotel with an indoor water park. I hope Jyly does not get overwhelmed. She has never been swimming much less to a water park. I hope she handles it better than her first bathtub experience. I think she is going to look adorable in her new bathing suits.

I am looking forward to a mellow month of May. The only thing I hope to do this month is move into a much bigger house. I think the entire family feels the same way. I will try to be better at pictures and updates. I can't make any promises. Life with a toddler and teenagers can be very hectic.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sometimes crackers are better the second time around! Jyly's new thing is to chew her food until
she gets tired of it and then she spits it out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's been a long day!

After a long day at school, this is what happens to Jyly's slowly growing hair. Yes, there is a headband in there somewhere.

We realized the other day that the "Honeymoon" is over. Jyly has completely settled into her new life as a US citizen and the terrible two's have begun. She has even begun to test the waters at daycare. Now the real fun begins!