Saturday, February 16, 2008

Too Cute!

Updates Finally

I do apologize for the long delay between updates. For those of you that have already brought home your little ones you will understand when I say these last few weeks have been incredibly busy. Since we returned home, I have only had three full days off of work and we haven't stopped running from one appointment to another.
Our first visit was to the pediatrician. Unfortunately, Jyly had to have 5 shots because 2 were done too soon and she needed 3 for daycare. The pediatrician didn't think she was saying enough words so he referred her to a speech therapist. We decided to wait until after she spent some time in daycare to see if she really had a problem. The lumps on her little bottom needed to be addressed as well. The Dr. couldn't tell us what they were so off we went to the hospital for some x-rays. We don't have the results yet.
Our next visit was to the dentist. To me, it looked like she had a loss of enamel on her top front teeth. The dentist was very good with Jyly. He felt that her teeth had not developed properly, most likely from being premature. So, we sealed them and we will do it every three months for a year. By then she will be used to going and we can start regular cleanings. Also, he was able to get a better look in her mouth than the pediatrician and he agreed that she has geographic tongue and her tonsils are large. Now she is on a multi vitamin with iron.
Yesterday, we went to the opthamologist. The pediatrician was concerned that she has a lazy eye. As you can see from the picture, we need glasses! She fits right in with this family. Today we picked out the style of frame and they told us that they could order it in pink. Now we have to wait about ten days and hope she keeps them on.
In the middle of all these scheduled visits, Mr. Mom decided that Jyly was pulling on her ear. Way to go Dad! She has a slight ear infection. Amoxocillin is OK in Jyly's opinion.
Despite all the changes and chaos that is our lives, she is settling in very well. She has even adjusted to daycare. We still have a bit of seperation anxiety with Mama but I think it is getting better.
My next update should have more fun and less doctors in it. Don't get me wrong, we are having fun! We love tickles and hugs and going for walks. We have also gone to the park and slid down the wavy slide. Mom and Dad just need a little more time to recover financially after the final adoption expenses. Then we can start having more fun!