Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Packing Begins …

As Jeremy has already told you … everything went fine yesterday at the Embassy, so Jyly is finally OURS!!

We’re all ready to leave here, but not looking forward to the very long flight. Jyly’s had some cranky nights and we know she has a temper. Her routine has already been more than disrupted and her diet has completely changed (not necessarily for the better). Potty training has been a challenge … needless to say, we’ve gone thru 2 pkgs of diapers. Both Mommy and Jyly are content right now to stick to the diapers. Oh, by the way … we are officially part of the “blow-out” club.

Jyly hadn’t grown as much as we had expected. She’s 85cm tall and only 11.8kg. The closet at home will remain full for quite some time. Thankfully I’ve covered several sizes.

The temperature outside hasn’t been very friendly. We’ve ventured out only a couple of times. We found a grocery store, so walking 2 blocks has been about all we can stand. The sidewalks are perpetually covered with ice and snow.

We met several other couples that were adopting from Kazakhstan. They were all very friendly, but definitely kept together as a group. It was understandable since several of them had met during their 1st visit … a required 4 week stay.

Jyly seems to be easy to amuse … she’s been playing with a tide-2-go pen, paper and pen, etc. We brought plenty of toys, but those seem to make her happiest. She’s been doing lots of walking around the room since last night. She ventured into the bathroom and has been enjoying playing in there with the mirror. Lots of smiles and giggles when she sneaks a peak out the door and sees us watching her.

Jyly is a bit behind for her age, but she seems to be catching on quickly. I think that once she’s home and around her family things will change fast. She’s a very smart little girl.

We noticed several lumps and bruises on her little bottom. Thankfully we’ve gotten her out of that situation and she’ll have time to forget any trauma that she’s been thru. We’ll see what the doctor says on Feb 4th.

Please send good vibes our way so that we have a quick and safe trip. We’ll see everyone at the airport when we get home!! Pray for good weather!


Hilary Marquis said...


I'm sure you've already thought to have her checked for giardia...Also, Anara has mongolian spots on her tushy, they look like bruises. Tim was concerened when he picked her up because he had no idea they are actually a birthmark. See you tomorrow!

Jackie said...

Wishing you safe and uneventful travels bringing Jyly home.

Little Squirt also has a mongolian spot on her little tushy. I understand that they disappear over time.

Love the pics...she looks happy :)

Rachel said...

Alex was 18 months when we adopted him from Russia and while he has the BEST personality, he also throws the BEST tantrums (at which time Mommy throws a tantrum too)! Jyly is just a normal little girl! And you'll be surprised at how quickly she catches up to the other kids. Good luck, safe travels and congrats again!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

AP has what looked like bruises on her bottom and lower back when we got her and I freaked out a bit. I was so worried that she had been hurt in some way, but like Hilary said they were Mongolian spots. Nothing at all to worry about. Our IA doc said "she has every right to have those"!

Jay said...

Hey Marnie -

The three of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so proud of you for what you are doing for that little girl. I can't wait to finally meet my little niece. Love to you all!


janiece said...

Having been through giradia with Rauan, I thought I could smell it on another child while there, so I would say that is a definite possiblity. She could certainly have momgolian spots, but I noticed the kids play pretty rough too--my Alihan being the biggest pig in the puddle (boy is he is for a surprise!). That might be part of it too.
You are in my thoughts and prayers! Someday--we'll get together! She's a beautiful little girl.