Monday, January 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home ...

This is Renae ... I'm sure that Marnie and Jeremy are busy this morning with Jyly, so I figured I'd update everyone to let you all know that we landed safely last night just after 9pm. It was a very long flight home, but we made it safe and sound.

Leaving Kazakhstan was a bit tense ... we had a small problem with getting Jyly's boarding pass for the London to Boston flight, so when we got to Passport Control, they were a bit uncertain about what we had intended to do. The man in control listened as we told him what the manager at the ticket counter told us then he proceeded to say "really". He said this at least twice and we explained the situation to him very clearly both times. I know my heart was pounding and Marnie was beside me holding Jyly very tightly. I think at that point I would have done anything to get the 3 of us out of that country. The man finally gave up questioning us and probably decided that we were telling the truth, so he let us go.

Getting on the plane was the first step toward a new life for Jyly ... we were extremely happy when we finally boarded the plane. Jyly did extremely well on her first flight. We gave her some juice to drink during the take-off just in case the pressure bothered her ears. She did just as well with the landing. She did just great on both flights.

Landing in Boston was amazing. I know that this is just the beginning of a wonderful new life for Jyly. In just one week I was able to watch Jyly change from a very shy timid little girl to one that seems to be getting more and more comfortable with her new life. She's smiling and talking more and more every day.

At the airport we had lots of family and friends waiting for us. It was a wonderful reunion for everyone. There were 2 special guests waiting to see Jyly ... the smiles were precious. Getting a group shot of 3 little ones was tough, but this is the best one that I got, so it will have to do for now.

Well ... after all is said and done I am so glad that I was able to share this very special time with my sister and Jyly ... the newest addition to our family. I'm proud to say that I have a very beautiful little niece.


Mala said...

Beck was so happy to see his frined Jyly. Undoubtedly they remembered eachother. Hope to see you again soon!

janiece said...

Welcome home! I remember each time I got home, all I felt was an instant sense of relief. I imagine each one of you feels a weight off your shoulders. Welcome home Jyly!

Jackie said...

Welcome home, Jyly & Marnie. What a great welcome at the airport. Wishing you all the best and congratulations!!!

Johnda said...

Congratulations! I wish we could have meet. I am glad you made it home safe. I wish you the best..