Friday, January 25, 2008

All Settled In

Hi all its Jeremy again. Well we are back at home and all settled in. Marnie is back to work tonight so I thought I'd catch everyone up.
We got in late last night. Camden and Keegan were there to greet us. Then Jyly got to meet the dogs. We were a bit worried, but she wasn't the least bit flustered by them(except she didn't want any puppy kisses) A short time later she settled in to her bed and slept until almost 8 am.
After breakfast and a bath we went and visited some daycares. We found a great one which she will start Feb 5th. Only $85 a week breakfast and lunch included. It is structured like a preschool so she will not only get the social environment, but also learning activities. The dogs have learned the hanging around Jyly is a sure way to get a snack.
After Marnie went to work tonight she was stuck with her brothers and me. After about half an hour of crying she settled down to watch TV and play. She climbed up on the couch and after being tickled by Camden, fell asleep around 8 pm. She is now tucked in her bed till morning (I hope).


Mala said...

Glad to hear you are all settling in. Keep the updates coming!
It was so nice to meet you both and to see Jyly again. Please let us know when your heading to NH again.

Hilary Marquis said...

Nice to see her with her big brother! Tell him to take good care of her...I'm sure he'll be her night in shining armor :) Let us know if you go through the facinating state of NE anytime (at least we have great steak..nothing to see but good beef!)

Rachel said...

Ok, her night in shining armor brother looks like Prince Charming himself! WOW, what good looking kids you have! Your other son must be just as attractive. I know that's not what your blog was about, but that's my comment :) And thanks for the pics, I love them!

Mala said...

OK, I keep hitting 'refresh' over and over again... and still no updates!!!!