Monday, November 26, 2007


We got the official word that we are now the extremely proud parents of a beautiful little girl. We are so excited! I don't know if my cell phone bill is. I'm sure I've used up all my minutes just in the last 4 days.

We should have our travel dates by Wednesday and then I can put up one of those fancy countdown clocks. Jeremy thinks this month is going to drag as we wait to leave. I think it's going to fly by. I still have a few things buy for Jyly. Then I have to try to squeeze everything into 2 suitcases. It's a good thing they are both expandable.

Wow! It's really happening.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Congrats on the "official word". I hope the wait flies by, what a great early Christmas present.

janiece said...

Congratulations!!! I'll be wating to hear how everything goes.
Happy Holidays--what a present!

Jamie said...

How exciting! So happy for you!

Jamie said...
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