Monday, September 3, 2007

A little help along the way

In my quest to find out more about Kyrgyzstan, I stumbled upon a Yahoo message board for people who are adopting or have adopted from Kyrgyzstan. The information that I have received from this group has been invaluable. I have also made a lot of new friends who have allowed us to be involved in their adoption journeys.

As families go over to Kyrgyzstan to meet their children or bring them home, they take pictures of Jyly and give me updates on her progress. It was from another families trip that I learned that Jyly's diagnosis of hearing loss is very likely incorrect. From what I have been told, a family wishing to adopt a deaf child had the referral for Jyly. After they spent some time with her, they did not feel that she had a hearing deficit and they turned down her referral. Their loss is my gain!

I got some new pictures today from a family that just returned with their little boy. I am so happy for them and so greatful that they would take the time from their special trip to think of us and take pictures. When I bring Jyly home, we are going to get the kids together.


Jackie said...

It's so wonderful that we have this community of online friends looking out for each other. Hope you get to bring her home soon!!

Mala said...

I can not wait to get the kids together!!!!!!!!! Of course, I can't wait to see little Jyly again and to finally meet you!